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 Allan Adelman

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 After the Abbey I went to Georgetown University and then Catholic University Law School. While finishing college and law school I worked on the Hill for Senator Mike Monroney from Oklahoma and that is where I met my wife, Cathy. After law school I went into private practice in Rockville, Maryland specializing in medical malpractice defense and health care law, moving our office to Annapolis Maryland in 2003. Cathy and I now live on Kent Island in the Chesapeake Bay. Cathy and I have 3 kids, a daughter who is a physician assistant in Salisbury, Maryland and two sons, one living here on Kent Island and one in Glenwood Springs, Colorado, and 7 grandkids. For fun we race sailboats, go fishing and hunting on the Chesapeake, fly airplanes, and travel along the east coast on our larger motoryacht. My son, Tim, and I own a flight school located at Bay Bridge Airport on Kent Island. I am looking forward to drinking some of Bob Field's scotch and gin at the reunion.

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 Howard Arnberg

Jim Barrett

Mike Begnaud

 A quick re-cap of 50 years

After the Abbey, I graduated from Regis College in Denver in 1967. There I met and married Mary Klein, a cute little farm girl and, we're still married. We were transferred from Denver to Kansas City where we raised 4 children, 3 boys and a girl. We were fortunate enough to see that they attended both Catholic Grade Schools and Catholic High Schools. They are college grads, all married and we now have 16, that's right, 16 grandchildren. My work career has revolved around transportation and logistics and I still work full time at a company called Rail Logistics here in Kansas City. Mary and I volunteer at Catholic Charities (helping those with felony convictions find employment) and as Eucharist Ministers at St, Joe Hospital. In March of 2010 I had prostate cancer surgery, but so far, my 90 day check-ups are good, real good -- 3+ years cancer free!! My 50 years have been good, even after some poor choices and bad decisions. All-in-all, the Lord has blessed me with a wonderful wife, 4 real good kids and 16 Great grandkids !!!

See you all in a couple of weeks

Dan Berry

Bob Bingham
   After leaving the Abbey I attended the University of New Mexico until 1966 at which time joined the Marine Corps. I served one tour in Viet Nam as a combat marine in the 1st Recon Battalion in the general vicinity of Chu Lai, Da Nang, and Phu Bai. After discharge I returned to graduate from the UNM and go on to the University of Glasgow, Scotland where I earned a MLitt degree in history. In 1975 I joined the U.S Courts where ultimately I ended up as Clerk of the U.S. Bankruptcy Court for Massachusetts. I retired in 1999 and I currently substitute teach at the local middle school to keep busy. I am married to my wife of over 30 years and have two sons (William and Daniel) and one daughter (Caitlin). I live in Amherst, New Hampshire at 11 Melody Lane 03031. I continue to be a practicing catholic, though very liberal in my beliefs. I have always held the time I spent at the Abbey as one of the best times of my life. To the extent that I rendered any hurt or insult to my classmates I humbly apologize. Alas, there are no 'do overs'.

My very best and fondest wishes to all my classmates.

Robert Bingham

Bob Blaicher

Charles Cassidy

Bill Clark



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First few years in and out of school and working - looking for who knows what and not finding it! Next few years drafted into the Army then OCS and Vietnam, wounded followed by a year rehab in Japan and Denver. Next 5 years: married Jeannie Schmitz (SSA 63) graduated Univ. of Denver BSBA Finance. Moved to Raton, NM; owned a small printing business. Sold it after a few years and for next 25 years worked for several companies, hollow metal mfg., defense electronics and ready mix concrete; mostly doing finance and management, preparation of financials, cost accounting, some project management. In 2000 started my own company doing real estate appraisal. It's been successful and I'm still at it today. Still married, still live in the house we built on some acreage high up on the mountain outside of Raton. Do some civic stuff - helped start up the local economic development corp. and served on the board for several years, and still serve on the county assessor's board. Like to fly fish, read, and work outside, and like some others, enjoy the taste of gin.

Joe Clarke

Dave Clifford

Mike Conway

Tony Craven


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 After graduating in 1963, I worked construction and in a machine shop until I receiving my draft notice in '65. I enlisted in the Air Force; two tours in Viet Nam. Spent three months in Okinawa during the Pueblo incident and I was discharged in '69
Returning from service, I moved to Greeley to begin college at UNC. I married my wife, Bobbie, in 1971. After completing my teaching degree at Metro State College, I began teaching at Smoky Hill High School in Cherry Creek. After thirty years teaching Auto Mechanics and Drafting, I retired in 2006.
In 1981, we moved to Conifer southwest of Denver. Next we built a log home in Morrison. Twenty years later we moved to Wheat Ridge, then, most recently, we moved to Berthoud. The incentive was a bigger garage! I have always been a gearhead….boys and their toys! We have a '39 Ford coupe, shown in the picture In September of 2012, I drove the'39 to Bowling Green, KY, for the NHRA Hot Rod Reunion, also toured the Corvette Museum and assembly plant.
We enjoy golf, volunteering at a horse rescue, car shows, drag races, and drives with no destination in mind. Old proverb: If you ain't burnin' gas, you ain't havin' fun.

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LeRoy Dietrich

John Dunn

Bob Fields

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After the Abbey, graduated University of Dallas with degree in English Lit. Then spent 4 years in the Navy. One in Viet Nam as Communications Officer on an LST. No fun, but drank a lot of warm beer. Then three years as Officer in Charge of the NATO Communications Center, Norfolk, VA, Supreme Allied Command, Atlantic. Lots of fun. Stopped drinking warm beer, switched to gin and scotch.In the 70's, married (3 years in the wilderness), divorced, re-married (Wonder Woman, my wife, Gaye), moved to St. Louis, sold cosmetics for three years, then Gaye and I joined Southwestern Bell (i.e., SBC ommunications/AT&T). Did lots of things there, moved to San Antonio in '97 as Capital Budget Manager/Financial Analysis at AT&T headquarters. We both retired from AT&T in 2000. Presently live on 5 acres in the hill country north of San Antonio, with various wild animals. We travel. Go to Creede, Colorado every year, to fish and relax. Used to elk hunt but now just the occasional dove or pheasant hunt. Photography is still my passion. You may remember I spent many hours in the Abbey photo lab. Still drink gin and scotch and enjoy an occasional cigar on the back porch. Life is good, and I still have Tommy Thompson's dad's cowboy hat!

(See Photo of Bob with the Hat.)

Maclovio Gallegos



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After graduating from the Abbey, I attended Regis College for two years and played baseball for the Regis Rangers. In 1964, I married my high school sweetheart, Iva Loraine.After Regis, I transferred to Adams State College, where I obtained my teaching credentials. From 1969 to 1985, I taught English, coached basketball and baseball at the local high school. During summer vacationsI took administrative classes and in 1985 received my Type D certification, in administration, from The University of Northern Colorado. In 1985 I left the school system to became the Costilla County Administrator; serving for 12 years. Following that, I became a full-time cowboy and was involved in both cattle and publishing.Lor and I have one son and three daughters. Three are graduates of CU-Boulder and one daughter is a graduate of Colorado State University. We have six grandchildren.I have a warning for my fellow classmates! I served as the Costilla County Democratic chairman for 32 years... lol...

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Tom Hudson


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 I moved a good bit and lost touch with everyone. AA (After Abbey) Hired by IBM in Albuquerque, married Ginger (Duke), moved to Sante Fe, moved to Phoenix, moved to Prescott, AZ and divorced Ginger. Then to IBM HQ in Atlanta, married Donna and in '93 retired from IBM and moved to Chapel Hill, NC. Lived on a tobacco farm in Prospect Hill, NC '04 to '08. Now live in Durham, NC. Now you know why IBM means I've Been Moved...

30 years with IBM, 7 years owned a printing company, 1 year building a house, 5 years did "senior care", 7 years at Measurement Inc. doing standardized educational testing.

Retired in January '13 for the last time. Kindle e-books are my largest retirement budget item. Have read 100+ books in the last six months. Love it!

David Huelsmann

Tony Javernick

Richard Karlinger




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 While I have not become famous (or infamous either) since my Abbey days, I have been blessed with a great life, a wonderful wife (best person I have ever met), three healthy children ( two boys and one girl) and one large, smart, and athletic grandson. My wife Nancy and I were married the day after graduation and I was commissioned an officer in the U.S. Navy shortly thereafter. I spent the better part of the next two years in South Viet Nam, completed active duty but remained active in the Naval Reserve. During my career I had many interesting command assignments. I retired in 1993 ( rank of Commander.) In civilian life I was a System Level Software Engineer for a large Telecomm, retiring in 2001 and I love it! Nancy and I still live in a small log home we built together in the late 70's. In our younger years we enjoyed pack trips on our horses, big game hunting, camping and fishing. Our faith is very important to us and we are active in our small mission parish of St. Elizabeth's in the historical village of Buffalo Creek, Colo. I look forward to seeing all the guys, meeting wives and significant others and trying to cover 50 years in three days!

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Larry Kerrigan

Earl Koehler

Frank Krutzke


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Frank, better known to his friends as Torry, lives with his wife of 42 years, Carol, in Pueblo, CO. After graduation from The Abbey he attended Iowa Wesleyan College in Iowa. In 1966 he joined the United States Air Force,, serving 2 years active duty. Following active duty he completed his degree at the University of Southern Colorado and attended the University of Denver Law School. Torry and Carol were married in 1970 and have two children, Debbie and Mark, wife Bernadette and 3 grandchildren, Daniel, Aaron and Luke. In 1971 he went to work as a plant manager and high liability examiner for Transamerica Title Company. After retirement, he spent 12 years as a math and science specialist for School District 60 in Pueblo. Now retired for the second time, Torry and Carol spend their time riding mules, piloting planes and enjoying the great Colorado outdoors.

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Duane Leise

Paul Mariani


Paul A. Mariani, III Son of the late Paul Mariani Jr. and Mary Frances Mariani Bigler of Los Altos, died suddenly of a heart attack on November 15, 2008.




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John Patrick Murphy

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 John Patrick Michael Murphy

I attended Regis College, Denver, graduating in three years. Then University of Wyoming Law School. Admitted to the Colorado Bar in '69 and Wyoming '70. Married Mary K. Conway in '67. We have three children and five grandchildren. We have lived in the same home for 42 years. I have been a Deputy DA, Deputy County Attorney, and in private practice involved with heavy duty criminal and civil cases. In '97 I retired. I have also been active in various civic causes. My brother Charles and I have a cattle and goat ranch near Laramie and I am now fighting stage IV melanoma. Life is good, since this ain't no hill for a stepper.

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John Paul Murphy



Birth: Nov. 2, 1945   Death: Dec. 22, 1993

Buried at Mountain View Cemetery, Longmont,   Colorado.

Tombstone Inscription:


Nov 2 1945-Dec 22 1993

LT COL US Air Force Viet Nam

Note: ashes Burial:

Grave Location

Plot: Block 32 L 092S P004 

Ken Pabst

Gary Peterson

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After the Abbey School in 1963, I attended The University of New Mexico for 2 years.  Then Worked  part-time job repairing and installing X-Ray machines in hospitals and Doctor’s offices. 1966 I got a job with Continental Airlines in Albuquerque, New Mexico and joined the New Mexico Air National Guard. Married to my wife “Sue” in 1967. My Guard unit was activated in 1968, Viet Nam for 12 months.  Upon my return from Viet Nam, moved with Continental Airlines to  Los Angeles area. Moved in 1984 to Houston, Texas.  I worked for Continental for 32 years.  After retirement went back to work at ExpressJet Airlines My wife, Sue retired Dec. 31st, 2011, after 23 years at Continental Airlines. Looking forward to retiring again.

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Jim Richardson

Ron Rozzano

Bob Serkowski


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 Following graduation from the Abby School, I attended the University of Colorado for a degree in electrical engineering, and then joined the Government Electronics Division of Motorola in Scottsdale Arizona for 5 years, working on various military projects and completing a Masters degree in EE at ASU. I then worked briefly for Aeronutronic Ford in Colorado Springs on the NORAD Cheyenne Mountain "upgrade", and then for Kaman Sciences, also in the Springs, writing software for Radio/Television and health/safety monitoring for nuclear power plants. This industry collapsed following the three mile island disaster and I moved to Denver to join what was then Bell Laboratories to work on business telephone systems. My wife Carol and I were married in August 1967 and have 3 daughters and one grandson. I retired in 2009.

Chris Silleroy


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After graduating from The Abbey, Chris attended the University of NM, graduating in 1967 with a degree in mathematics and political science. Shortly thereafter, he attended Officer Candidates School and was commissioned as a naval officer. He served 2 tours in Vietnam and was seriously injured during his second tour. In spite of the injury, he survived and thrived. He returned to UNM to study journalism and settled into a lovely adobe home near the campus. He lived independently and enjoyed retirement with family, friends and several beautiful and brilliant dogs. He has published numerous articles to inspire and encourage others. He currently lives in a nursing and retirement community where he brightens the lives of all around him with his quick wit and positive attitude. He is an avid fan of UNM Lobo athletics and watches every football and basketball game. Chris has had a full life, overcoming every challenge that presented itself. He has been victorious over illnesses, accidents and injuries. He is a true example of a life well-lived.

Chris has written some short essays he would like to share. They can be accessed from the below link.

Chris's Essays

John Stangle


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Following graduation from The Abbey, John obtained a degree in chemistry and attended graduate school in Biochemistry. After living in Canada for a while he joined the Navy as a corpsman (medic). Upon completing his military service John went back to school on the GI bill in Religious Studies, then worked at various hospitals in Mexico and Guatemala with the Catholic Medical Mission Board. John also spent a tour with the Peace Corps in Africa teaching physics and math. Returning to the United States, he participated in Chaplaincy training at a Tacoma, WA state mental hospital and at the Mayo Clinic. In more recent years John has worked at hospitals on various Indian reservations. John has also been involved as an Anti-nuclear activist and has worked in Rochester, MN and Las Vegas, NV providing assistance to veterans, the homeless and medical refugees through the Catholic Worker and Franciscan aid programs.  At age 55, John married Krisztina and now leads a quiet, spiritual life, almost hermit like, writing books on marriage spirituality. John and Krisztina also spend time each day praying for the condition of the world and all people!!

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Bob Strieby


Mike Telk

William Thompson


William ( Tommy ) Thompson

November 07, 2007

RaFwl Toruno


Tom Walker

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 After graduating from the Abbey School l attended Georgetown University and graduated in June, 1967 with a Bachelor's Degree in Finance. I then worked in the family business for about six years. In August 1967, I joined the Army National Guard. I married Donna Windsor in 1968. . We have two daughters, Curi Michelle and Stephanie Nichole and three grandsons, Austin, Tyler and Tommy, and one granddaughter, Parker.

I received my J.D. from University of Idaho Law School in 1975 and have been practicing law since April, 1976.

On non-work side, I'm a life-long gun enthusiast; a lifetime member of Front Sight Firearms Training Institute, National Rifle Association and Gun Owners of America. I am in the process of setting up Walker Tactical Firearms, LLC, a Federal Firearms Licensee.

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Leonard Woolsey

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